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A very good friend of mine told me about Steve.  I procrastinated.  By the time I finally called Steve, my accounts had lost half of their value.  I really dove into the material Steve sent me until I completely understood these products.  I have since moved my accounts into the plan that Steve built for me.  I only wish that I had called him sooner.  He is patient, understands the markets and is always available when I call him.  It sure feels good to know that market drops won't hurt my future anymore.
-John Schreiner,    CRNA,      Shawano, Wisconsin

My broker kept telling us not to worry the market would come back.  We lost most of our money waiting.  When my husband died, I lost his pension and my social security check.  I was sure that I would lose my house.   I heard Steve's radio show and called him.  I knew there was no hope, but I had to try.  He was able to use safe money products to replace the pension and social security check income.  I used a reverse mortgage to stop having a mortgage payment, and therefore had enough money to both retire and stay in my home forever.  Every time I see Steve I tell him "Thank God For You!"
-Ella Rafferty,  Retired Home Decorator,    Nashville, TN
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