Steve B. Lucks - The Safe Money Retirement Show

Here are some examples of things my clients have said to me:

It took me a while to get my head around these "safe money" products.  Once I understood them, I moved all of my accounts.  My broker thought I was nuts.  six months later when the stock market had fallen 34% and my accounts had zero loss, I called my broker just to tell him he was wrong!
-Jeff Peterson,      CRNA,    Paducah,  KY.

My son used to take care of my finances, until he died tragically in a motorcycle accident.  Thanks to the broker I used after my son's death I lost half of my money.  Then I found Steve.  My losses stopped, my money is growing and he is always there for everything I need.  My son would be happy that my finances are in good hands.
-Matilda Cain     Retired Grandmother,      Paris TN.

My son is an accountant and he thought I was nuts when I moved my money into these safe money products.  He insisted on meeting with Steve and I.  Two years later my son had to call Steve to ask a question and while they spoke he told Steve, "you know, my parents have been taking 10% withdawals for two years now and they still have as much m0ney as when they started.  You really did a good thing for them. " Thank you! 
Claude Fly    Retired,     Nashville, TN

I was 76 and wanted to travel the world.  My previous broker told me that I could not afford it.  Steve was able  to build me a long term plan that has given me the money to travel,  more monthly income, and no more risk to my retirement.  My wife and I went to China last year and we are going to India this year.  Thanks to Steve, I now have piece of mind and money to travel.
-Dr. Jerome Klein,     DDS,       Nashville, TN

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